‹‹ Ultimately, healing is the result of a mystical act of surrender, an awakening that transcends any religion. It is an intimate dialogue of truth between the individual and the divine. ›› - Caroline Myss

Spiritual Alignment Healing

Spiritual Alignment Healing is a new dimension of healing and has the ability to create balance in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Through the straightening, blockages along the spine can be released, allowing the life force energy to flow much more freely. One does not have to have an imbalance in the spine or pelvis to benefit from the effects of this spiritual healing. This kind of healing can be visible and happen within seconds, without the healer ever touching the body.

Allyson's experience with Spiritual Alignment Healing happened when a healer, without touching her body, performed spiritual straightening of her spine & pelvis in only seconds. Born with scoliosis, the healing experience massively shifted her belief system and opened her mind to what was possible. That same healer has now passed on the spiritual gift to Allyson. She is one of the first healers from the US to be initiated into this healing work.

The levels of healing are always individual and the body's divine intelligence continues the healing after the session. Spiritual Alignment Healing is only given once per lifetime. To support each individual's healing process, Allyson combines Spiritual Alignment Healing with energy work after. She also activates the energy in each clients hand chakras so they can support the healing process further. While Spiritual Alignment Healing cannot be repeated, an additional follow up energy healing session with Allyson is possible.

For your information:
The healer is neither a doctor nor a medical practitioner. Spiritual healing is not working in the medical sense but a spiritual activity. On the part of the spiritual healer no promise of salvation is given and no diagnosis is made‚Äč. Therefore, the spiritual healing does not replace medical treatment for mental or physical disease or suspicion of such. Participation is voluntary.