About Allyson

Allyson's journey began with a profound spiritual experience. When her mother became quite ill, Allyson began to receive intuitive messages about her mother's condition. One of the most powerful messages came in a dream, when she was told by a guide that her mother would die that day and to be with her. Although the doctors had given her mother one year to live two days before, her mother passed away that afternoon as the message predicted.

Curious to find out more about the dream and other intuitive information that came before and after her mother's death, Allyson began a deeply intensive and personal journey into self healing and the mystery of what could not be easily explained.

This journey took her around the world to study and apprentice with master healers, intuitive teachers and visionaries. A healer in Switzerland, who without touching her body, performed a visible healing of her spine & pelvis in only seconds. As Allyson had been born with scoliosis, this experience massively shifted her belief system and opened her mind to what was possible. That same healer has now passed on the gift (The Divine Straightening) to Allyson. She is one of the first healers from the US to be initiated into this kind of healing.

Practical by nature, Allyson has the ability to take what she calls the "woo woo" and make it applicable to everyday life. As an Executive Director of a non-profit, she attracts clientele from all walks of life and has been described as a bridge between the business and healing worlds.

Allyson is currently living in Scotland, but travels extensively throughout Europe and the US.